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The Tailwaggers Foundation provides funding to qualified non-profit animal rescue organizations for the life-saving treatment of sick and injured animals.

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Rocco the 7 year old French Bulldog suffered from some pretty terrible growths in his ear and mouth. He had poor teeth and allergies that affected his skin and overall well-being.

His previous owner was not able to take on all of his necessary treatments and surrendered him after neglecting some major issues. LA Animal Rescue took on Rocco and had him treated for his tumors. He required blood work, dental extractions and allergy shots to get him back to being healthy and ready for adoption.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Rocco and rescues like LA Animal Rescue.

Meet Rocco

Mandy the 3 month puppy along with her 2 siblings became very sick after they were pulled from the shelter. They all tested positive for the deadly Parvovirus.

Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue took Mandy for emergency hospitalization and supportive care. She required 24 hour monitoring in the isolation ward along with fluid therapy, blood work, antibiotics and multiple medications to beat the virus. Mandy seemed to responding well to treatment and was released 2 days later. However, within a few hours she took a turn for the worst. She was rushed back to the hospital where she spend an additional 5 days isolated. Puppies being treated for Parvo require intensive care to keep their nutrition and hydration in check.

With her strong spirit and will to live, Mandy was able to beat the virus. Once back to being the puppy she was meant to be, Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue was able to get her back on a vaccination schedule in preparation for a foster home. Unfortunately, neither of Many’s 2 siblings survived. Mandy was adopted to a loving family.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Mandy and rescues like Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue.

Meet Mandy

Meet Noel who was dumped on the streets of Compton with his sister, Noelle, with severely infected, bleeding, pussing mange. The team at Starts With One Today and Paws in Skid Row could not sleep knowing they were in such pain.

They immediately drove to Compton and were able to locate these scared babies, alone on a street corner. They were huddled together, terrified, cold and starving. Noel’s appearance was absolutely shocking. This puppy at 4 months old, was skin and bones, there was not one part of his body that was not raw. The smell of infection was beyond alarming. They scooped them up immediately and rushed them to True Care for Pets in Los Angeles where they knew they would receive the absolute best care.
The doctors and staff “had never seen a case of mange this terrible.” One doctor noted “beyond gross and intolerable negligence.”
Noel was treated with a barrage of pain meds to make him comfortable, fluids, and 24-hour care. After a night’s stay in the hospital, Paws in Skid Row were able to bring this love bug home. He is getting medicated baths, eating Just Food for Dogs, playing with his sister and on the road to recovery. He is the sweetest pup, so deserving of a wonderful life.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Noel and rescues like Starts With One Today, Paws in Skid Row.

Meet Noel

Tzunami, the 2 year old Shih Tzu has had a difficult life up to the point Love At First Mutt Rescue took him in from the shelter. He was found wandering for days around Long Beach and eventually was tied to a lifeguard tower. Not much is known about his abandonment, but it was clear he required medical attention.

Tzunami was taken for a clean-up, X-rays and bloodwork. He ended up receiving treatment by a specialist for his broken jaw that left him with a metal plate and screws to help stabalize his bone.

His fighting spirit and sweet disposition helped him make a full recovery. He has been taken in by a foster with another Shih Tzu companion and is expected to be find his forever home soon.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Tzunami and rescues like Love at First Mutt.

Meet Tzunami

At just 6 months, Hankie was attacked by another dog. With your donations, Hankie was able to be treated and found a loving foster home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Hankie and rescues like I Stand With My Pack.

Meet Hankie

Atom came to the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue as a 3 month old puppy surrendered by his owner. Bought off of Craigslist, Atom soon became ill and was diagnosed with Parvo. Most dogs do not survive the very contagious and deadly parvovirus. His owner could not afford the medical bills that it would take to save his life.

Marty from GRCGLA stepped in and made it his mission to bring Atom back to health. Parvo treatment is costly and Atom’s medical bills have increased exponentially. He has had many highs and lows in his recovery. After receiving an extensive treatment and monitoring regimen, Atom stands tall and is ready to enjoy his new beginning. Much of Atom’s success is thanks to his fighting spirit and the help of the GRCGLA.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Atom and rescues like Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue.

Meet Atom

Waldorf, the 10 year old Pomeranian was unable to walk because his hind quarters were atrophied. His rear left leg was turned inward, and his rear right leg was crumpled (like a chicken wing) and facing backward. He also suffered from dental disease due to old age and lack of care.

The Harbor Shelter’s lifesaving liaison contacted A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue about Waldorf. The shelter was unable to properly care for him as he was unable to walk, leaving him stuck sitting in his own waste. Waldorf was taken in straight to HELP’s vet for a full senior workup, blood panel, and x-rays. Because Waldorf’s left leg turned inward, amputation of the right leg was not recommended. Instead, Waldorf was referred to physical therapy to strengthen and straighten his leg to give him some mobility. He was fitted with a wheelchair to help him more easily get around and be a dog again!
Waldorf gained more and more strength everyday and was given a second chance at a foster home. HELP Rescue updated us with the most loving news! Waldorf was adopted by his foster mom who says it was love at first sight.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Waldorf and rescues like A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue.

Meet Waldorf

My story is being added. In the mean time visit the rest of the stars here.

A vet technician at the clinic and friend of Blue Man Dog, Jessica, reached out in the 11th hour as her fellow technicians were preparing Reggie with the IV for euthanasia.
Jessica pleaded and agreed to foster Reggie if Blue Man Dog would take him on. She signed off on Reggie in the parking lot outside the clinic and the euthanasia was called off.
Jessica continued to foster Reggie during his recovery from two successful surgeries and neutering. She nursed him back to full health and he was able to be adopted to his forever home!

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like me!

Story Coming Soon

Nigel is a sweet, gentle chihuahua mix who was at the Harbor Animal Shelter. He was in bad shape losing weight and not eating. Thanks to the amazing people at H.E.L.P. who took Sweet Nigel into their care and provided him with the dental and kidney procedures needed.

Thanks to your wonderful donations, The Tailwagger’s Foundation was able to provide 3,000 dollars towards Nigel’s recovery and his search for finding his forever-loving home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Nigel and rescues like A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue.

Meet Nigel

Used and abused as a backyard breeder, Poundcake was left behind when she was no longer needed. With your help, we got Poundcake ready for a forever home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Poundcake and rescues like LA Animal Rescue.

Meet Poundcake

Josie from Paws in Skid Row was pregnant and hit by a car.
She was on the brink of death.
We knew she had more life to live as a happy 3-legged dog!

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Josie and rescues like Paws in Skid Row.

Meet Josie

Meet Arya from Pacific Pups Rescue, we were able to help her get the surgery she needed, but now she’s looking for a loving home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Arya and rescues like Pacific Pups Rescue.

Meet Arya