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Our Story

The Tailwaggers Foundation provides funding to qualified 501c non-profit organizations who provide life-saving treatments to sick and injured animals as well as for animals with behavior issues.

Most animal rescue organizations spend between 40 and 50 percent of their budgets to medically treat sick and injured animals. Rescue organizations simply do not have the budget to treat all the animals that come through their doors. In many cases, bringing an injured dog or cat back to a state of health can mean the difference between being adopted and euthanasia.

The Tailwaggers Foundation is built to assist the rescue organizations in their efforts to help more animals get healthy and find Forever Homes.

Our Board of Directors


Todd Warner

Todd Warner opened Tailwaggers Pet Food and Supplies in 2003. In 2006, he expanded his Hollywood business by opening…

Tailwashers Grooming Salon, and by 2010 quickly grew to a second location in West Hollywood. Today, Tailwaggers Pet Food & Supplies spans three stores in the Los Angeles area, as well as their first store in Palm Springs. Because of his commitment to animal welfare, Todd has used his company as a resource to support many local dog and cat rescues. To this end, Tailwaggers & Tailwashers has helped place over 20,000 rescued dogs and cats.


Dr. Nicklaus Fox

Dr. Nicklaus Fox grew up on a large sheep and cattle ranch. He received his Bachelor of Science in Animal Science…

from Montana State University and was trained in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University, where he received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1997. Dr. Fox has been practicing companion animal medicine in Los Angeles ever since. He has become known for his home visits, where he offers particularly compassionate care for pets and their loved ones. In 2013, he became certified in veterinary acupuncture, incorporating the natural principles of healing into his practice of integrative medicine. In his free time, Nick volunteers with two animal rescue organizations and is active with several LBGT organizations that promote HIV education and awareness. He loves coming home to his cats, Mavis and Leonard and dogs, Midgey and Fifi, all of whom were rescued and have such interesting stories to tell.


Emma Parker Bowles

Emma Parker Bowles has an unwavering commitment to creatures large and small, dedicating her time…

on the front lines. She has been an ongoing volunteer for Dogs Without Borders and LA Animal Rescue.


Dr. Liz Friedman

Dr. Liz Friedman grew up in Seattle and received undergraduate degrees in biology and zoology…

from Washington State University. She later attended the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine to become a veterinarian. She moved back to Seattle for three years, but soon moved with her 1 year old son, to Los Angeles, where she always wanted to live. Her interest in animals has been lifelong, but she focuses her practices on dogs and cats. She worked in a multi-doctor animal hospital in Seattle, and again in Los Angeles, until she finally started a house called practice. She integrates some Chinese medicine in her treatments but is primarily a Western medicine doctor. Dr. Liz Friedman has great compassion for those in need, whatever species they may be, and is so happy to be involved with the vision of Todd Warner and The Tailwaggers Foundation in helping animals in need.


Stephen Molinaro


Holly Riddel

Holly Riddel is a visionary entrepreneur who started her career in the diamond business. Her connection to pets…

is long-standing, from her devotion to her own canine companions over the years to designing an innovative pet line that was carried in Target stores. Holly is also the creative mind behind unique lines of jewelry under the umbrella brand Love Is My Intention (LIMI®); a unisex fine fragrance called 0.2; a 0.2 canned cocktail; and most recently, a whimsical line of durable dog toys called Drag Dog. All of her ventures are rooted in love, acceptance, making connections, and creating joy.


Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia has an extensive background in non-profit management and compliance. He currently serves as the…

Director of Ethics & Compliance for Men’s Health Foundation, a local healthcare non-profit. He volunteers at outreach events with Love at First Mutt Rescue. His skills in working within the non-profit sector has allowed him to use his experience towards his passion and love for rescue animals.


Erich Klein

Erich Klein is Senior Vice President and the Head of Branch Banking for City National Bank, overseeing 6 regions…

and 61 branch offices across the United States. Erich’s team at City National provides clients with customized banking solutions delivered through dedicated relationship management and an expertise in a broad array of industries, including professional firms, service providers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. He is a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington and has received numerous accolades and awards for his leadership and collaboration with others. Erich is a native of Los Angeles and is passionate about helping people and animals. He loves dogs in particular and has had 13 rescued dogs over the years. Erich resides in the Beachwood Canyon area of Hollywood with his deaf pittie, Snowy, and his mini pin mix, Chester.


Joel Chiod

The Tailwaggers Namesake

It all started in 1928...

Legacy Begins
Tailwaggers Club is Founded

The Tailwaggers Club is founded by Captain Horace Hobbs. Created as a charity in England, its purpose was the advancement of animal welfare. The club grew quickly acting as both a pet registry and a philanthropic community.

"I help my pals"
Over 200,000 dogs enroll

Dogs that became members of the Tailwaggers Club received a special collar medallion engraved with the motto ‘I Help My Pals.’

In just over a year, the club flourished and more than 200,000 dogs had been enrolled enabling £20,000 to be donated to help the work of the Royal Veterinary College.

November 11, 1929
Time magazine
Time highlights Tailwaggers Club

A Time magazine article highlights the purpose and story of the Tailwaggers Club, also mentioning the Club members’ magazine: The Tail-Wagger.

Time states: ”The Club’s purpose is to insure happier tail-wagging in all U.S. dog homes. Careful records are kept of all dog members, including peculiarities, (such as a hoarse bark, a missing eye, discolored teeth.) Other advantages are free medical advice, six months’ subscription to The Tail-Wagger, the official house organ of the The Tailwaggers Club. The fee is $1 a year. Dogs have been entered from Korea, New Zealand, Persia, and Iraq.

Members Magazine
The Tail-Wagger

The Tailwaggers Club members’ magazine, The Tail-Wagger is produced.

Introduction of Club Handbook
Tailwaggers Club Handbook

The Tail-Waggers Club Handbook is published in London.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
Financial support for Guide Dogs

The Tailwaggers Club is able to offer financial support to the newly-formed Guide Dogs for the Blind.

During the mid 30's, the club had almost a million dog members, many of them belonging to the royal family and famous celebrities.

August 11, 1938
Tailwaggers Society
Celebrity fundraiser

A celebrity-driven fund-raising event to support the efforts of The Tailwaggers Society drew support of several of Bette Davis’s famous friends and grabbed some pages in Life magazine. The event held at the Beverly Hills Hotel was a smash success on the Hollywood party circuit that year.

400 place cards were drawn by Walt Disney including cards for guests Howard Hughes, Norma Shearer, James Stewart, and Henry Fonda.

March 1939
Judy Garland graces cover
Judy Garland is Featured

Judy Garland graces the cover of The Tail-Wagger, a subscription magazine for members of The Tailwaggers Society.

Tailwagger Guide Dog Institute
Tailwagger Guide Dog Institute

Bette Davis founded The Tailwagger Guide Dog Institute which trained dogs free of charge, and established a free emergency hospital in Hollywood for injured animals.

May 16, 1939
Bette Davis
Bette Davis puts charity on U.S. map

Bette Davis put the organization on the map in the U.S. when she was elected as president of the Southern California branch.

Her dedication to animal welfare was a powerful force for raising awareness. Her immediate objective as president was to build a shelter for stray dogs and to create scholarships for the training of seeing eye dogs for the blind.

FDR's Scottish Terrier Fala
Fala becomes honorary president

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s little Scottish Terrier, Fala becomes the honorary president of Southern California branch of The Tailwaggers Club.

Naturally the Washington D.C. Tailwaggers Club reacted with outrage. Fala became such a well know celebrity that problems arose with the Secret Service: Anyone who recognized Fala knew that FDR must be close by.

Billie Burke
Billie Burke on behalf of Tailwaggers Club

On behalf of The Tailwaggers Club, Billie Burke (Glinda the Good Witch of the North in The Wizard of Oz, 1939) spoke in protest of the State Pound Bill, which would have given the state power over stray animals to be used in scientific experiments.

Lend a Paw dedication
Disney dedicates Oscar to Tailwaggers Foundation

The Oscar for best cartoon short goes to Walt Disney’s Lend a Paw, starring Mickey Mouse and Pluto. This Disney classic was dedicated to The Tailwaggers Foundation in recognition of its work in lending a paw to animal friends.

I Love Lucy
Tailwaggers referenced on I Love Lucy

In “The Marriage License” episode of I Love Lucy, Lucy calls City Hall to verify her marriage license. Confusion ensues: “Hello, City Hall? There’s a mistake on my license and I want to talk to someone about it. What do you mean call The Tailwaggers? It’s not a dog license — it’s a marriage license!”

Tailwaggers Club pet show
Julie Nixon wins 3rd place in annual Tailwaggers Club pet show

12-year-old daughter of Vice President Nixon, Julie Nixon wins third place in the cat costume division of the annual Tailwaggers Club pet show with her kitten, Bitsy Blue.

Our namesake
Tailwaggers Foundation
tailwaggers foundation logo

Paying homage to the original 1928 Tailwaggers Club, and later 1938 Tailwaggers Society, The Tailwaggers Foundation provides funding to qualified non-profit animal rescue organizations for the treatment of sick and injured animals. The Tailwaggers Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

First Grantees
Tailwaggers Foundation First Grantees

The Tailwaggers Foundation’s first grantees are Bonny, Gomez, Cleopatra, and Monte.

First Waggy Awards
The First Annual Waggy Awards

We launch our first event, The Waggy Awards, honoring individuals who have demonstrated remarkable spirit and conviction in the crusade to improve animal welfare in the local community and around the world. The event, held at the Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Boulevard is a succcess raising over $20,000 for animal welfare.

October 28, 2014
Wig Out for Rescue
Wig Out for Rescue

The Tailwaggers Foundation partners with A Dog’s Life Rescue and Take Me Home to participate in Wig Out for Rescue, a 5k walk and 10k run fundraiser to save the lives of orphaned cats and dogs.

February 8, 2015
Second Annual Waggy Awards
2nd Waggy Awards

After the success of the 2014’s Waggy Awards, the annual event moves to the Taglyan Complex in Hollywood in order to accommodate the appearances of rescue animals outside in the complex’s grounds.

2015’s Waggy honorees are U.S. Congressman Adam Schiff and actress/activist Linda Blair. The fundraiser is hosted by actress/entertainer Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark).

Annual Waggy Awards
2016 Waggy Awards

Our annual event honors innovators and leaders who have made a difference in animal welfare in the local community and around the world.

Annual Waggy Awards
2017 Waggy Awards

The 2017 Waggy Awards raised more money for the medical treatment of rescue pets than ever before.

Annual Waggy Awards
2024 Waggy Awards

The 2024 Waggy Awards raised more than $100,000 towards helping animals find their forever homes.

Meet our
grant recipient stars!


Rescued in 2023

Our Supporters

Rocco the 7 year old French Bulldog suffered from some pretty terrible growths in his ear and mouth. He had poor teeth and allergies that affected his skin and overall well-being.

His previous owner was not able to take on all of his necessary treatments and surrendered him after neglecting some major issues. LA Animal Rescue took on Rocco and had him treated for his tumors. He required blood work, dental extractions and allergy shots to get him back to being healthy and ready for adoption.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Rocco and rescues like LA Animal Rescue.

Meet Rocco

Mandy the 3 month puppy along with her 2 siblings became very sick after they were pulled from the shelter. They all tested positive for the deadly Parvovirus.

Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue took Mandy for emergency hospitalization and supportive care. She required 24 hour monitoring in the isolation ward along with fluid therapy, blood work, antibiotics and multiple medications to beat the virus. Mandy seemed to responding well to treatment and was released 2 days later. However, within a few hours she took a turn for the worst. She was rushed back to the hospital where she spend an additional 5 days isolated. Puppies being treated for Parvo require intensive care to keep their nutrition and hydration in check.

With her strong spirit and will to live, Mandy was able to beat the virus. Once back to being the puppy she was meant to be, Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue was able to get her back on a vaccination schedule in preparation for a foster home. Unfortunately, neither of Many’s 2 siblings survived. Mandy was adopted to a loving family.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Mandy and rescues like Fetchin’ Retrievers Rescue.

Meet Mandy

Meet Noel who was dumped on the streets of Compton with his sister, Noelle, with severely infected, bleeding, pussing mange. The team at Starts With One Today and Paws in Skid Row could not sleep knowing they were in such pain.

They immediately drove to Compton and were able to locate these scared babies, alone on a street corner. They were huddled together, terrified, cold and starving. Noel’s appearance was absolutely shocking. This puppy at 4 months old, was skin and bones, there was not one part of his body that was not raw. The smell of infection was beyond alarming. They scooped them up immediately and rushed them to True Care for Pets in Los Angeles where they knew they would receive the absolute best care.
The doctors and staff “had never seen a case of mange this terrible.” One doctor noted “beyond gross and intolerable negligence.”
Noel was treated with a barrage of pain meds to make him comfortable, fluids, and 24-hour care. After a night’s stay in the hospital, Paws in Skid Row were able to bring this love bug home. He is getting medicated baths, eating Just Food for Dogs, playing with his sister and on the road to recovery. He is the sweetest pup, so deserving of a wonderful life.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Noel and rescues like Starts With One Today, Paws in Skid Row.

Meet Noel

Pancake was rescued from a city shelter, where she would have been euthanized due to a serious eye infection. City shelters often times do not perform advanced treatments for animals because of overcrowding and must euthanize because treatments can be beyond their ability.
Pancake’s eye was swollen shut and inflamed with infection when Stray Cat Alliance took her in.

They were able to conduct the life saving surgery to remove her eye. Her badly infected and previously untreated eye is what led to serious ear issues as well. Their in-house vet treated her ears multiple times.
She was able to fully recover and be fostered in preparation for her forever home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Pancake and rescues like Stray Cat Alliance.

Meet Pancake

Meet Braelyn, who was surrendered to Roadogs Rescue at just 3 weeks old. After being hospitalized for a burst abscess and blockage, she was discovered to have even more issues.
Braelyn had an extra colon, bladder and intestines. She was also born with multiple legs and double pelvic bones, thought to be a result of her absorbing a twin during development. She really was a genetic anomaly. These severe congenital issues needed immediate attention.

Braelyn was seen by two separate vet offices. One recommended euthanasia while the other recommended surgical correction. Roadogs Rescue felt Braelyn still had fight in her, so they opted for the latter. A skilled surgeon was found who agreed to do the operations. A sequential approach was taken for these surgical fixes.

After a tough recovery, Braelyn stands ready to face the world and meet her new forever family.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps dogs like Braelyn and rescues like Roadogs Rescue.

Meet Braelyn

Reggie was brought into the vet by a shelter after he was hit by a car. Euthanasia was in Reggie’s immediate future due to his pretty severe injuries. The technicians and veterinarian were really pulling for Reggie, but realized there wasn’t much they could without a rescue taking him on.

A vet technician at the clinic and friend of Blue Man Dog, Jessica, reached out in the 11th hour as her fellow technicians were preparing Reggie with the IV for euthanasia.
Jessica pleaded and agreed to foster Reggie if Blue Man Dog would take him on. She signed off on Reggie in the parking lot outside the clinic and the euthanasia was called off.
Jessica continued to foster Reggie during his recovery from two successful surgeries and neutering. She nursed him back to full health and he was able to be adopted to his forever home!

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Reggie and rescues like Blue Man Dog.

Meet Reggie

Tzunami, the 2 year old Shih Tzu has had a difficult life up to the point Love At First Mutt Rescue took him in from the shelter. He was found wandering for days around Long Beach and eventually was tied to a lifeguard tower. Not much is known about his abandonment, but it was clear he required medical attention.

Tzunami was taken for a clean-up, X-rays and bloodwork. He ended up receiving treatment by a specialist for his broken jaw that left him with a metal plate and screws to help stabalize his bone.

His fighting spirit and sweet disposition helped him make a full recovery. He has been taken in by a foster with another Shih Tzu companion and is expected to be find his forever home soon.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Tzunami and rescues like Love at First Mutt.

Meet Tzunami

At just 6 months, Hankie was attacked by another dog. With your donations, Hankie was able to be treated and found a loving foster home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Hankie and rescues like I Stand With My Pack.

Meet Hankie

Atom came to the Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue as a 3 month old puppy surrendered by his owner. Bought off of Craigslist, Atom soon became ill and was diagnosed with Parvo. Most dogs do not survive the very contagious and deadly parvovirus. His owner could not afford the medical bills that it would take to save his life.

Marty from GRCGLA stepped in and made it his mission to bring Atom back to health. Parvo treatment is costly and Atom’s medical bills have increased exponentially. He has had many highs and lows in his recovery. After receiving an extensive treatment and monitoring regimen, Atom stands tall and is ready to enjoy his new beginning. Much of Atom’s success is thanks to his fighting spirit and the help of the GRCGLA.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Atom and rescues like Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue.

Meet Atom

Waldorf, the 10 year old Pomeranian was unable to walk because his hind quarters were atrophied. His rear left leg was turned inward, and his rear right leg was crumpled (like a chicken wing) and facing backward. He also suffered from dental disease due to old age and lack of care.

The Harbor Shelter’s lifesaving liaison contacted A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue about Waldorf. The shelter was unable to properly care for him as he was unable to walk, leaving him stuck sitting in his own waste. Waldorf was taken in straight to HELP’s vet for a full senior workup, blood panel, and x-rays. Because Waldorf’s left leg turned inward, amputation of the right leg was not recommended. Instead, Waldorf was referred to physical therapy to strengthen and straighten his leg to give him some mobility. He was fitted with a wheelchair to help him more easily get around and be a dog again!
Waldorf gained more and more strength everyday and was given a second chance at a foster home. HELP Rescue updated us with the most loving news! Waldorf was adopted by his foster mom who says it was love at first sight.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Waldorf and rescues like A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue.

Meet Waldorf

My story is being added. In the mean time visit the rest of the stars here.

A vet technician at the clinic and friend of Blue Man Dog, Jessica, reached out in the 11th hour as her fellow technicians were preparing Reggie with the IV for euthanasia.
Jessica pleaded and agreed to foster Reggie if Blue Man Dog would take him on. She signed off on Reggie in the parking lot outside the clinic and the euthanasia was called off.
Jessica continued to foster Reggie during his recovery from two successful surgeries and neutering. She nursed him back to full health and he was able to be adopted to his forever home!

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like me!

Story Coming Soon

Nigel is a sweet, gentle chihuahua mix who was at the Harbor Animal Shelter. He was in bad shape losing weight and not eating. Thanks to the amazing people at H.E.L.P. who took Sweet Nigel into their care and provided him with the dental and kidney procedures needed.

Thanks to your wonderful donations, The Tailwagger’s Foundation was able to provide 3,000 dollars towards Nigel’s recovery and his search for finding his forever-loving home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Nigel and rescues like A Home for Every Living Pet Rescue.

Meet Nigel

Used and abused as a backyard breeder, Poundcake was left behind when she was no longer needed. With your help, we got Poundcake ready for a forever home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Poundcake and rescues like LA Animal Rescue.

Meet Poundcake

Josie from Paws in Skid Row was pregnant and hit by a car.
She was on the brink of death.
We knew she had more life to live as a happy 3-legged dog!

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Josie and rescues like Paws in Skid Row.

Meet Josie

Meet Arya from Pacific Pups Rescue, we were able to help her get the surgery she needed, but now she’s looking for a loving home.

Your donation to The Tailwaggers Foundation helps animals like Arya and rescues like Pacific Pups Rescue.

Meet Arya