The Tailwaggers Foundation’s mission states that we assist qualified rescue organizations. This means we cannot grant any assistance to individuals. We ask that only 501 (c) 3 nonprofit rescue organizations register with The Tailwaggers Foundation before applying for grant assistance.


To register please provide the following information and attachments and email them to: INFO@THETAILWAGGERSFOUNDATION.ORG

1. Rescue Organization Name:

2. Rescue Organization 501c3#:

3. Contact Name

4. Street Address

5. City:

6. Zip:

7. Phone:

8. Email:

9. Does your organization make home inspections a mandatory procedure in the adoptions approval process?

10. Does your organization offer foster care as an avenue for volunteering?Yes/No

11. If YES, do you have an application process that ensures that the applicant is qualified to foster? Yes/No

12. Please explain this process:

13. In the event that an adopter decides not to keep the animal after the process is finalized, have you included as part of the adoption agreement that the animal must be returned to your organization? Yes/No

14. Is your organization properly registered with the IRS, the Attorney General of California and the Secretary of State of California?  Yes/No

15. Is your organizations tax filing current with the IRS and the Attorney General of California? Has your organization submitted a statement of information with the Secretary of State of California?Yes/No

16. Please provide your California Secretary of State Entity Number:

17. Please provide your California Attorney General’s State Charity Registration Number:

Please also provide the following attachments:
-Shelter Paperwork
-IRS Nonprofit Tax Information

qualified organizations we support:

Providing funding to qualified non-profit animal rescue organizations for the treatment of sick and injured animals.
The Tailwaggers Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) (Tax ID # 46-3148361) non-profit organization.